Association Goals

Iran International Exhibition Organizers Association (IEOA) was established in 2005 by the leading companies in this field and in order to preserve the rights of member companies and to promote the place of exhibition industry of Iran.

The goals of this association can be summarized as follows:

  • To provide arrangements for improvement of quality and productivity and to defense the rights of members in all stages and forums.
  • To attempt towards protecting the members and to prevent unsuitable competitions in order to hold local/foreign exhibitions properly.
  • To attempt towards providing suitable beds for local/foreign investment in order to develop exhibition complexes around country and to improve quality of exhibitions.
  • To hold and participate in local/foreign conferences and exhibitions and to make decision about membership in internal/external syndicates and forums necessarily in order to preserve and supply benefits of members and association.
  • To participate in decision-making for local/foreign exhibitions towards preserving national benefits and benefits of members.
  • To participate in redacting required exhibition standards and services subject of activity of association, to control them, and to attempt towards resolution of disputes between members by help of arbitration, if required.
  • To consult, coordinate, and participate for issuance of permits for holding local/foreign exhibitions.
  • To hold training courses and to do scientific, industrial, and commercial researches for members; to hold specialty exhibitions and meetings; to attend in local/foreign conferences; and to author and translate scientific papers about subject of activity of association.

Powers and duties of association

The powers and duties of association include:

  • To attempt to obtain the rational rights and requests of members.
  • To gather information, to investigate problems, needs, and priorities.
  • To plan for supplying needs; to develop activities.
  • To attempt to promote production capacity; to transfer technology and innovation.
  • To attempt to improve production quality by identifying and placing modern quality control methods for effective presence; to compete in international markets; and to develop exports.
  • To attempt towards coordination in training and supplying required human force; to cooperate with Ministry of Labor and other entities in order to fulfil HSE training.
  • To cooperate for establishment and promotion of related cooperative companies.
  • To cooperate with ministries, organizations, and official entities in fulfilment of duties that they allot to the state clubs and to prepare for provision of consultation to them.
  • To member and communicate with related forums and organizations or local/foreign state clubs in the framework of applicable rules and regulations.
  • To gather membership fees and volunteer aids according to the statute.
  • To cooperate with labor associations or state clubs and other employer forums.
  • To offer consultative and legal opinions to the related authorities for providing plans and bills related to Labor and Social Supply Act and welfare and legal problems of employers.
  • To cooperate and participate for holding local/foreign exhibitions and to dispatch specialty bodies for learning modern exhibition and marketing methods.
  • To gather required information and statistics about holding exhibitions, subscription of magazines and publications; to provide the results of studies in order to guide the other stakeholders in holding exhibitions; to publish useful information for members; to develop an local/foreign information network.
  • To conclude contracts with institutions and to do authorized transactions, provided they are not for personal benefit.

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